Company profile

PROFOUND s.r.o. was established in 2010 in Prague. Our main activity is trade of metallurgical materials and foundry products with specialization on markers of Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union. At the same time we have a successful and long-term relationship with certified producers of high-quality foundry materials from Turkey, Asia, and North America and import them into EU.

Main company focus on Eastern European markets is formed by knowledge of local clients and suppliers, which are present in this region for many years. We offer high-quality alternative products for those foundries, which are ready to avoid dependence from traditional suppliers and their constant price increases. At the same time many companies are ready to expand their activities on the new markets, but are not willing to take all the risks of new cultures and unverified business partners. We help such clients to reach new markets through our logistic and trade network with minimal risks.

At present our company increases its activities in countries of EU. We offer to our local partners a wide range of foundry products and materials. Our office and the main stock is located in Boskovice, which is conveniently located just 40 kilometers from Brno.