Our company imports high-purity raw materials based on graphite, pitch coke and anthracite, which is used to produce quality graphite carburizing agents CARBOLUX. All raw materials are subject to strict quality control, including chemical analysis. Afterwards materials are dried, sortied and calcinated at temperatures over 2800 ° C. This allows to achieve extreme chemical purity and crystalline structure of graphite. Such properties of our carburizers ensure very fast solubility in the melt and high carbon yield.

CARBOLUX carburisers are offered in the form of graded granules and pressed pellets. They are suitable for primary production of iron and can be applied directly to the charge. These high quality materials can also be used for secondary recarburizing in induction furnaces and pans at lower temperatures.

Our offer also includes a comprehensive analysis of materials and technical assistance during trials of the recommended carburizers. As a result, our client receives a calculated economic benefits of CARBOLUX carburizing agents for foundry. This analysis is presented together with our price offer and can be used as a basis for evaluation of supplier change